Our mission is simple – to automate and enrich customer service interactions using voice-based conversational AI agents. To achieve this goal, we’ve taken an ambitious technical approach leveraging proprietary, neuroscience-inspired mechanisms for learning and memory. The result are systems that grow their communication skill in a manner similar to the way children acquire language – by continually learning from interactions with users and incrementally building on simple-to-complex findings.

Breakthrough in Speech-based Conversational AI

Voice-driven user interfaces are the most natural to us and undoubtedly the wave of the future. In the realm of customer service it’s often assumed that we are far from bringing life-like conversations between customers and AI agents. With Apprente, this capability is here now – we deliver a flowing and engaging conversation, offering high accuracy and focus – all key to creating a successful customer experience.
Conversation Icon
The scope of a dialog is often narrow in customer service settings, while the need for robust inference (despite vast variations in language and acoustic conditions) is a key challenge. By drawing inspiration from the way our brains process audio signals, which differs significantly from conventional systems in the market today, Apprente has introduced a breakthrough in dialog systems. Our proprietary machine learning technology delivers a unique competitive advantage in empowering intelligent conversational agents. Whether your needs are in the Cloud or on-premise, we have solutions that will deliver the latest breakthroughs in machine learning technologies to your voice-based user interface.